Saturday, September 9, 2006

Welcome to Vancouver

Welcome to our family. Our journey begins in late Summer of 2006. We are greeted with warm weather in sunny Vancouver. I am told that summer this year has been unusually warm. And we hope the weather stays warm, so that we can enjoy the great outdoors that Vancouver has to offer.

The weather has been so good that our kids have been going out to play in the back yard almost every day. We have a play ground there. Melur and Arman simply love having a playground so close to home. And they've made quite a few friends. It keeps them busy, so we can't complain.

We spent the first week getting things for our new home. It's fairly expensive here. We rented a van for a week, and visited the normal places. Our furniture is mostly from Ikea, since it really is the cheapest. We got some used stuff too. That's even cheaper, but hard to come by. You really have to know where to look, and it's all based on luck.

Anyway... this is our first posting, and I hope to post more events from time to time. Do give us your feedback. We'll share as much as we can.

Say Hi to Melur and Arman!


Shiou Ming said...

Wow, it's great to get update from Azroy over Canada. Just added this blog into my web bookmark.

An hour ago met Kar Foo at Carrefour (KarFoo@Carrefour... :P). It has been a while I didn't join the games since my toe's nail broken. I've been told that Azlin will be 'promoted' as father soon. Congratulations!

?@_@? Shiou Ming

.WickedlyMe. said...

omg!! maman lost a lot of weight and gone a bit darker. ahhahaha. melur looks as pretty as ever tho <3 wish i could snuggle them and give them lil kisses. tsk. i sure miss u guys ALL a lot!!! nways. hope u'll post more pics. i'll try to post a few pictures of the family so that u guys can see them x) send my regards to evryone .xxoo.

adi, lin & aida said...

hey roy, good to see that you, ayu and the kids are settling in well. i can't believe that the kids have grown up so quickly! it's also amazing how the resemblance is uncanny! arman looks like ayu and melor looks like you - beautiful kids! ta!