Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jamming at Gage

Melur pounding at the drums!

Well, Daddy volunteered to perform at the upcoming Malaysia Singapore Nite at UBC, and had to practice with the newly formed band. Daddy brought Melur and Arman along to Gage Residence Hall, which is where the band was practicing. The kids were a hit with the the band. They were so cute. Melur actually wants to be in a Rock Band when she grows up! Melur was already playing with the drums.

Video Clip of Daddy Practicing with his Rock Band

The kids were troopers, and kept themselves busy with drawing and coloring. Daddy made sure to bring the proper materials, so that the kids weren't too bored. But by 8pm, the kids were really tired, and Daddy couldn't even practice. You see below a picture of Daddy TRYING to play the drums. But the kids INSISTED on sitting on his lap. Can't really blame them. They're kids. Looks like Daddy'll just have to practice some more on another day.

The kids are tired

The Malaysia Singapore Nite is coming in just a week. Daddy hopes Mommy will write about it in this blog, while Daddy performs on stage.


catsndogs said...

cute kids u had.. :P
can see that u r a drummer as well...
used to think when i have kids .. i wanna teach them too.
oh ya.. if u ever wonder how i come across your page.. i went to the 'search' part... :P
good luck to u n ur family :P

The Daddy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to know another drummer from PJ. Check out my music endeavors at http://www.geocities.com/gokun2/AzroyKandanMusic.html