Saturday, January 13, 2007

Swimming at UBC

So we registered Melur and Arman for swimming classes. It's a half hour class every Saturday from 11 am to 11:30 am, and today is our first lesson. Mommy and Daddy have to tag along for the first 4 lessons. After that, they may be able to go on their own.

Swimming lessons are held at the UBC Aquatic Centre. It's on campus. The pool is pretty big. Melur and Arman were very excited to go. It's been a while since they went swimming. Melur followed Mommy into the Women's changing room. Arman went with me.

The lessons came and went pretty fast. After all, it's only half an hour. There were 4 other kids that day, and our kids were the biggest kids there. The swimming class is for the 3-5 age group, which means Melur and Arman are in the same class. Most of the children there were still getting used to swimming. But Melur and Arman are so accustomed to the water, they just wanted to swim around on their own.

Fun in the Jaccuzzi

After the swimming lesson, we took a short dip in the jaccuzzi. That was SOOOO refreshing. The swimming pool is actually slightly cold. So the hot water from the jaccuzzi was very envigorating. I think Mommy enjoyed it the most. We'll definitely be looking forward to this on our next visit.

Looks like we'll be going swimming on Saturdays instead of ice-skating. We haven't gone skating in a while. We'll be heading to the library after lunch. That definitely remains a ritual. Melur and Arman have taken to books quite well and we spend every night reading books before bed.

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