Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 Ontario Chess Challenge

This is kinda old news, but I thought I'd blog about it anyway, just so there's a record of it. Last April, Arman qualified for the 2010 Ontario Chess Challenge by winning first place at the Eastern Ontario Youth Chess Tournament (for First Grade). Here's a video of his adventures at the 2010 Eastern Ontario Youth Tournament in Kingston on April 11:

So the following weekend (April 18th), we headed to Toronto for the 2010 Ontario Chess Challenge. Arman got 5th place (for 1st grade). Here's a short video:

Arman was a little disappointed he didn't win the whole thing. But he did really well. Fifth place is not bad at all, for ALL of Ontario. Maybe he'll do even better next year.

Keep it up, Arman. You'll do well!


Sud said...

Waa.. power gile maman main chess cam xyah fikir sangat pon.. sambil makan burger je..

Congrats again.. next year try jadi champion pulak.. say hi to maman, abg roy..

Azroy Kandan said...

Thanks Sud for your well wishes. I'll be sure to tell Maman. We all miss you guys from UBC. Datanglah Kingston bila free nanti...