Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Ice Skating

There's no swim class today, and whenever there's no swim class, there's a chance for the kids to go ice-skating at the UBC Ice Rink right after chess club. This is actually our second trip to the ice rink this year. Last week, Mommy came along. Daddy tried to get her into some ice skates, but that didn't work very well. Anyway, our camera has been on the frits lately, so we weren't able to take any picture or videos from that event.

Melur and Arman doing Kumon Homework in the morning

Anyway, here we are heading to the chess club in the wet snow. Arman's looking forward to the chess, and Melur is looking forward to the ice-skating.

After chess club, we headed straight for the ice rink. Arman is still a beginner, so you see him with his “training wheels”. He's not bad, still. Melur on the other hand loves the ice.

One of Melur's friends, Angela, is also here today. She comes here a lot, and she's a really good skater. From what I hear, she's taking lessons twice a week at the Kitsilano ice rink. And she comes here during Family Skate just for fun.

It's been a very fun day, ice-skating with the kids. I hope we can do this again, but most likely only when there's no swimming in the morning. It'd be too tiring. Keep it up guys!

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