Friday, July 6, 2007

Reunion, Enroute

Reunion at Heathrow

We arrived into Heathrow Airport. Customs and Immigration was pretty smooth and uneventful. We were greeted at the terminal by Mommy's extended family, namely Nenek, Mak Long, Uteh and Andak. We would be meeting Pak Usu when we arrived at Sheffield.

Enroute to Sheffield

We were tired, but our excitement kept us in high spirits. At the terminal, we opted to take the National Express bus to Sheffield, instead of the train. The train station apparently is pretty far away, and the bus would be more convenient. The lady at the counter said we can take the return trip into London, instead of back at the terminal. And so we were on our way to Sheffield. It was a 5 hour trip to Sheffield, kind of like taking the bus from KL to Mersing.

When we arrived at the bus station at Sheffield, Pak Usu was waiting for us. We actually arrive an hour late due to Friday afternoon traffic. Pak Usu didn't seem to mind the waiting. And we took our first English Black Cab to Pak Usu's place. And here we re-grouped and prepared for our trip to Scotland the next day.

Pak Usu's Room at Sheffield

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