Monday, July 16, 2007

Strawberry Picking

Day 2 in Sheffield... Mak Long, Pak Usu and Daddy headed out to town to run some errands. We first went to Pak Usu’s place to use the Internet and managed to find a strawberry park. We called to confirm it was open. Looks like we’ll be able to keep our promise to Melur today.

After that, we headed to the Sheffield Interchange to book our bus trip home. We were saddened (and disappointed) to learn that we were unable to take the bus into London, and that we’d have to take the bus back to Heathrow Airport. Bummer! The lady that sold us the tickets said that we would be able to return to London, but some error in the tickets made it impossible for us to convince them otherwise.

After that, it was time to pick up our second car. And even that was delayed. Just as we started driving to the car rental company, they called us to inform us of the delay. Good thing Mak Long suggested to do the grocery shopping first, which we did. The day started our pretty bleak. After picking up the car, it was back to the cottage to pick up the rest of the gang.

We planned our trip to the Strawberry farm very carefully. And even so, we took a wrong turn somewhere, and ended up taking an extra hour to get there. But once we were there, it was great. Melur and Arman were so excited to pick strawberries. We picked a bundle. The day was turning out well despite it’s rough beginnings. We were having fun.

And so our promise to go to the strawberry farm was finally fulfilled. What a long day it was, at least for Daddy. What will be in store for us tomorrow?

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