Thursday, July 5, 2007

We're on Our Way

How exciting! Today we begin our journey to the UK. Melur and Arman seem very excited. Mommy and Daddy are also very excited. Although, we're there to attend Pak 'Usu's graduation from the University of Sheffield, we couldn't resist a chance to experience the UK for the first time. When else would we ever venture here. Our trip will include one week in Scotland, a few days around Sheffield and the Peak District, ended by a few days in London. I think this is a vacation more for Mommy and Daddy than for the kids, but it'll be a family vacation nonetheless.

We departed from Vancouver International Airport at 5:45 pm, and arrived 9 hours later at about 10:15 am London time. The kids really enjoyed the flight. I wonder how the kids will handle the jet lag. Only time will tell.

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