Friday, July 13, 2007

Reekie Linn Falls

After a long day at Edinburgh yesterday, we decided to take it easy today. It’s Friday, and we’re leaving Scotland early tomorrow morning. We decided to take our host’s advice and visit a nearby waterfall. But first, we made a short stop at the Peel Farm we heard so much about, just to check it out. They had some nice artwork, farm products (like marmalades and jams), as well as a tea house.

Reekie Linn Falls was pleasant. It was quite small, and reminiscent of Malaysia. We have some pretty nice waterfalls back home that are swim-able. The weather here, though nice, was still not warm enough for a swim… at least not for us. Again, we brought out our packed lunch, and had a picnic by the stream. This is pretty much all we did today, a nice cozy day enjoying the Scottish scenery.

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