Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shopping at Kitsilano

Well... Daddy took a short video of the kids today, as we headed out to Kitsilano to do a little more shopping. We're going to the UK this week, and Melur, Mommy and Daddy need new shoes for the trip. Yesterday, we went to Metrotown and did some shopping too. Sorry... despite having the new camera, we were so busy shopping that we didn't take any pictures, other than this video you see below:

Anyway, yesterday's shopping at Metrotown was mostly at Zeller's, since it's cheap. Arman got 3 new pairs of pants. Melur got a new pair of shorts, a set of lip gloss (yes, a SET), and some new underwear. You see Melur and Arman in their new shorts in the video above. Both kids also got new rain coats in preparation for the rain in the UK. Daddy got a poncho, and Mommy got an umbrella. We also got toiletries and some snacks for the trip. This was from yesterday.

Today, we went to Kitsilano. Melur and Mommy got new shoes from the usual Shoe Warehouse. The store closed early, so Daddy wasn't able to get anything there. Then we visited the Dollar store to get some hangars and facial tissues. Finally, on the way way home, Mommy spotted another shoe store that was still open. This is where Daddy bought a pair of Rockports to wear in the UK.

With that, we should be all set for our trip on Thursday. Hope you enjoyed the video. We'll be packing our stuff later this week. We're so excited to go.

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