Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good bye Salamander

Mommy has been taking Melur to swimming classes every Tuesday since mid-May. This is Melur's second class. The first one was called "Sea Turtle" and she took it with Arman. This one is called "Salamander". Melur gets 8 half-hour lessons every Tuesday from 10am until 10:30am.

Today is actually Melur's last lesson. Mommy usually spends the time during Melur's lesson to swim in the lap pool. This is better since Melur usually gets very distracted if she sees Mommy around. She'll start waving or looking at Mommy instead of following the instructor. When Melur's lesson is over, we'd both enjoy the jacuzzi together before getting ready to catch the bus for home.

But since today is Melur's last lesson, Mommy decided not to swim so that she can take pictures of Melur instead. Melur seems to really enjoy herself during the lessons. There are only 2 other kids, a girl named Emily and a boy named Emmet. Both are the same age as Melur. Maybe because they are both girls, Melur and Emily have become good friends. Melur even told Mommy she wants to take another swimming lesson with Emily. You can see a picture of Melur and Emily sharing a towel together. They look adorable...:)

Just like before, Melur got a report card from Christine, the instructor. Here is what she said:

"Excellent attitude in class Melur! Your front and back floats look great. Keep practicing your rocket ships without touching the bottom and remember to ALWAYS blow your bubbles. Have a great summer and good luck in level 5."

So, Melur can now go to the next level, "Sun Fish". Mommy and Papa are planning to register both Melur and Arman for the classes starting in September. They will have to take different classes but we will try to make sure that those classes are held at the same time. We'll see how that works out... and maybe expect a blog from us about it in the future.

Melur and Emily

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