Thursday, June 21, 2007

To the Rescue

Hello, this is the Mommy. Finally, Mommy got a chance to blog a bit. Probably should make more time for blogging just like Papa. He's so consistent, and always making time to blog even though he's busy as well. And plus, Mommy always hogs the computer even at night. Mommy's mental note to self - will not bring work home so often, will not hog the computer at night, and must spend more time with the lovely kids... just like Papa.

Anyway, today is a good start since Heba, our nanny, lost her contact lenses. No worries... Mommy to the rescue... Came home early at 4:45pm so that Heba can leave. Now Mommy, Melur and Arman have some time together before Mommy has to start preparing dinner. We all headed out to the park near Arman's future preschool. Lots of kids there, a different crowd then the kids at the usual playground behind our house. But lo and behold... we met one of Melur's friends, Elaine, and her mommy. Melur and Elaine hung out (upside down - see pictures) together.

Arman had a good time too. He climbed everything in sight, and getting very good at climbing. He climbed up to the very top, and he climbed down as well... both without help.

Just look at the pictures of the kids and you'll know what daredevils they are.

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