Saturday, June 23, 2007

Granville Island, Finally

Today was a GREAT day! For the first time, we went to Granville Island. It's a little island (well, I'd like to say, it's 'hardly' an island) located under the Granville St bridge. It's very quaint (equivalent to San Francisco's Peer 39) filled with great food and art, and many street performers. It also has a wet market with fresh seafood, meat and produce.

Daddy had been there just a few days before with an old friend from Sapient. We had Salmon Teriyaki by the bay, and finished with some dessert. Daddy saw this little boat ride which I thought the kids would simply enjoy. So here we are, making our way to Granville Island for the first time.
We arrived with great anticipation. The number 4 bus stopped just a few blocks south of the island, and we made our way north through the main entrance. Our first stop? LUNCH... at the Kid's Market. We brought tuna sandwiches from home. We had hardly crossed into Granville, and we stopped by a nice little pond with geese, fish and turtles.

After that, we walked over to the children's park. We were surprised to find a public water park, completely free to everyone. Unfortunately, we didn't bring the kids' swim attire (even though my friend told me about it). So we had to be content with just the regular playground. This new camera takes such clear pictures.

After the park, we made our way to the wet market. I gave everyone a brief tour (just like my friend gave me). We were very tempted to buy some fresh fish to steam at home for dinner. Then, we headed out to the bay where I saw the little boat ride. We enjoyed the sun and the scenery under the bridge. As we headed over to the pier to check out the boat ride, we stopped to see the live entertainment.

The show was awesome. He was very funny, and entertaining. You see him juggling fire above. After the brief show, we headed to the Aquabus.

After the boat ride, we stopped over at a bakery for some dessert, and headed back to the playground to relax before dinner. We took a video below:

And that was that. We left the island and had a family dinner at White Spot, a nice family restaurant on Broadway. I end this entry with a very nice picture I took with Arman. He looks so cute, and mature (though he's really not) in this picture.

For more videos of the family (we took a couple from the Aquabus Mini-Cruise), check out Daddy's You Tube Videos.

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