Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Camera

We got a NEW CAMERA!!!! And what was the first thing we did with it? Take pictures (and movies) of Melur and Arman. So for your viewing pleasure, we bring to your our first movie production (well, it's just a video clip) of Kembara Melur and Arman

Kids playing with New Camera

Well.. the kids had fun with the new camera. We'll be posting more pictures and movies from time to time. To end this post, here's another short clip of the kids having hot chocolate before dinner. They are so adorable.

Hot Chocolate Before Bed

Fun with the kids...


The Husband said...

The kids are really growing up fast. Melur and Arman look like they are having loads of fun there. BTW, they have lost some weight, looking a lot fitter and cuter. Tell them, Uncle Danny says hi!

The Wife said...

The kids are sooo cutee!!