Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hair Cut for Arman

Today I was determined to give Arman a Hair Cut. He wasn't so eager to have a hair cut at the barber with me the last time. Perhaps, a familiar face would calm him down. And having NEVER cut ANYONE's hair before, I made a bold attempt.

Okay, so it isn't as straight as it should be, but I think it's a good first try. At least his hair is shorter now. I know some of you guys didn't like the crew cut we gave him last time (you can't count that as a hair cut). So we gave him a bath, and he looked a little better.

Today isn't just Arman's day. Melur needed to be in the picture too. So here she is...

Today, Daddy needed to buy groceries from the Halal Store and Safeway, so I brought Melur and Arman out with me. We stopped by the Dollar store to buy a cart which I could use to carry the groceries home. As you'll see later, it was a good thing I get that cart. I had a LOT of groceries to buy. The kids bought some chocolate which they had on the bus. They behaved very well after that.

Our first stop (after the Dollar Store) was the Halal Store. I made Arman try on a hat while we were waiting for the Butcher to prepare our order.

After the Halal Store, we crossed the street for some Chicken Shawarma. It was a muslim establishment. The food was delicious.

The journey back was interesting. The bus was PACKED! I wasn't sure the driver would let us on, because it so full. But he motioned us in, and we got on. If you can make out from the picture, Arman and Melur are holding on the railing in front of me.

Well, we arrived at Safeway to do the last of the groceries for today. We never take pictures at Safeway. Somehow, I always forget to. But today, I took some pictures at the checkout counter. As you can see, we got A LOT of things. And you can also see the little black foldable cart we got from the Dollar Store. It was challenging getting the best configuration which optimized cart space and bag space (which I also brought to carry extra stuff).

And so we headed home with all the groceries. Quite a productive day, if you ask me. We went to the Dollar Store, the Halal Store, tried out some Mediterranean food, and got a whole bunch of groceries, while spending time with the kids. Here's the bus ride home.

Stay tuned for more Family Fun!

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