Saturday, June 2, 2007

West Point Grey

Kids in the Morning

Today, Daddy promised the kids we'd take them to the park at West Point Grey. Daddy showed Melur pictures from the last visit when Daddy brought Arman there after the hair cut (See Previous Blog: Out with Arman). I woke that morning (a little late) to discover the kids had done up their room with tents made of bedding.

Morning Creations

After lunch, we headed over to the bus stop. The weather was GREAT! As usual, Melur posed for the camera in the sunlight. Melur had on a baseball cap, and with the bright light, it's a little hard to see Melur face. Oh well...

Posing in the Sun

Our first stop at West Point Grey, before going to the park, was the Vancouver Public Library. It's been a while since we last went. There have been so many excuses for not going. So we were determined to go this time. We left Daddy's and Melur's library cards at home, so we made a new one for Arman. Arman and Melur each borrowed 3 books and a DVD. Mommy borrowed 2 Harry Potter books, all under Arman's card. The kids are in the habit of choosing their own books, so Mommy and Daddy read to them in the library before Melur and Arman can decide on which books to borrow.

Reading at the Library

After the library, it was onward to the park, the very big park the Melur was so excited about. I think she was quite pleased with the results. She headed straight for the swing, which was twice as tall as the one behind our house.

Melur on the Swings

The kids had so much fun. Melur hung out at the bench a little bit with Mommy. Mommy started reading the Harry Potter book she just borrowed. The weather was beautiful, the atmosphere calm. And Arman had fun at the play ground. Daddy just enjoyed the moment and took some pictures.

At the Park Bench

Having Fun

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