Sunday, May 27, 2007

Out with Arman

I know the title of this entry is "Out with Arman", but I started the day playing with the kids at home before heading out. The kids love getting tickled.

Playing with the Kids

Melur didn't want to come along. She wanted to stay home with Mommy. Daddy wanted to get a hair cut. And since Arman's hair was getting rather long as well, we thought we might make a day of it. And so we set out together to find a barber on this warm Sunday afternoon. I hope they're open.

We took the #17 bus to Kitsilano and made it to Nick's Barber Shop. Unfortunately... it was closed. Aww... Daddy decided to walk down Broadway and maybe find another barber that's open. And we stopped by Tim Horton's on the way. Arman was very excited about that.

Timbits at Tim Horton's

There was another barber on Broadway called Magic Cuts. It was a little expensive, so we decided to try another place. We got on the bus and headed back to West Point Grey, which is on the way back home actually. We found a place called Great Clips, and decided to give it a shot.

The Aftermath

You guessed it! Arman refused to get his hair cut. So Daddy was the only one with the short hair. That's okay. Maybe next time. Daddy may just have to cut Arman's hair himself (I think Mommy's a bit scared about that). We'll see how that goes.

After the hair cut, we head 3 blocks north to the West Point Grey Park. It was a pretty big park, comparable to, maybe even larger than, the park at Kitsilano Community Center. Daddy let Arman loose on the slides and whatever else was there.

Arman Playing at the Park

Well... after about half an hour at the park, we headed home. Arman was pretty happy, despite having a slight cough. We definitely have to bring Melur here next time. Maybe next weekend.

Time to Head Home

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