Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bike Hunt

Today... we set out to buy a bike.... The morning began full of anticipation...

Waiting for the #17 at the Bus Stop

We first stopped at Kitsilano and enjoyed some Tim Bits over at Tim Horton's. Sorry... no pictures. After that, we stopped at the Shoe Warehouse and got some shoes. You'll see pictures of the shoes later. We didn't take any pix at the store. Arman got new sneakers (since his existing ones were completely desecrated). Melur got a pair of slippers for the summer, which she could also use to swimming class. And Mommy got 2 pairs of sandals. Nothing for Daddy. Daddy's sneakers and work shoes are working just fine.
After that, we headed over to Toys R Us. Daddy had checked out the website, and saw a few kids' bikes for sale. Here's another long story. After trying out a few bikes, Daddy decided to try someplace else. The bikes were a little weird. You can't pedal backwards (I think the term is.. It's not a free cog). If you try to pedal backwards, the bike stops. It works like a brake.
Anyway... We took another bus and went to SportChek. But alas... They didn't have anything in Melur's size. We tried two more bike stores near the area, both catered to adult specialty bicycling. So no kids stuff. We took a rest at Dairy Queen, and walked past Sports Mart which was incidentally closed and also didn't carry kids bikes. In the end, we ended up back at Toys R Us, tired, and trying the same bikes again. I think the kids (and Mommy) were all tired out from the Bike Hunt fiasco. Sorry guys... I meant well...

It wasn't too bad. Melur was able to ride the bike regardless. And we ended up getting her one. But the store needed a few days to assemble it. So Daddy will have to pick up the bike after work on Tuesday, once the bike is fully assembled. Melur was patient enough to wait. I guess she understands that she's picked her bike and it's been paid for. Just need to pick it up.
We felt so bad for Arman. He just wasn't used to the weird bike braking mechanism. He clearly wasn't ready for a bike. So we ended up getting him a toy tractor.. his favorite of toys. After paying, we headed to the bus stop.

Waiting for the #9 to go Home

By the time we got home, it was late, almost 8 pm. So we had a quick dinner at McDonald's. We had the usual Fish Filet Meals, and the kids got their Toys and their Happy Meals.

Dinner and McDonald's

When we got home, we opened up all our shopping bags, and took pictures. Mommy got 2 pairs of shoes:

Mommy's New Shoes

Melur got a pair of slippers, a bicylce helmet and pads for her elbows and knees:

Melur's new Slippers

Melur with Protective Gear, but No Bike

Arman got a new pair of sneakers, a toy dump truck and a toy tractor of sorts:

Arman's new Sneakers

New Toys for Arman

And Daddy got pictures to share on the family blog. I really like Arman's new shoes. I think I'll get a pair, for those long walks on the countryside (in Scotland). That's another chapter altogether. That's all for now.

Kids play together

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