Sunday, May 13, 2007

Boys Day Out

Today it's just Daddy and Arman...

Father and Son

Today, Melur wanted to stay home with Mommy, though in actuality, she really wanted to spend the day at the park with her friends. Daddy took this opportunity spend some time with Arman and go to Shapla Meat Market, to get some Halal Meat.

Shapla at Broadway and Fraser

It was a peaceful outing. Arman isn't so rambunctious without Melur. After getting some meat, we went to good 'ole Safeway for some groceries. I ended up taking pictures on the bus (even though I promised myself no more pictures on the bus).

On the bus

Nothing much to report. Just a few pictures. Hope you enjoy them...

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.WickedlyMe. said...

Maman looks soo... different. hmmm.. i miss him <3 and he's hair is long too. i'm guessing it's expensive to cut hair there. lol. o well. he still looks hot as ever! *mwacks*