Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jericho Beach BBQ

Our hearts were filled with anticipation this morning, as we waited at the bus stop to head to Jericho Beach at 10:45 AM. A bunch of students organized a little barbeque down by the beach, and we had never been to a beach in Vancouver since arriving here last Fall. As we waited, some of the other Malaysian students joined as at the bus stop.

Uncle Nasir is a bit of an Ultimate Frisbee Buff, and brought along his Frisbee to play by the beach. While we waited for the bus, he threw it around with Melur, as you can see in the pictures. Melur's actually quite good at it. She threw it pretty straight for a 4-year old. I was certainly impressed. But then again, I'm her dad!

More Frisbee Action

We got off the Number 4 Powell bus, and had to walk quite far to the picnic site. But when we arrived, we were greeted with the breezy salt air, and a vast sandy beach. Melur and Arman were completely taken by the sand, and started exploring. They started looking for hidden treasures in the sand. They found some sea shells and other odd items.

I found a Sea Shell!

It was definitely too cold to swim, but nonetheless, it was very enjoyable just to be close to the beach. And breathing in the calm soothing atmosphere, you soon forget all your worldly troubles. While the kids roamed about, I took a seat on one of the logs situated near the edge of the beach, and watched the kids play. The scenery was breathtaking.

From this spot, I could see the sandy beach, the picturesque Vancouver city sky line, the majestic snow cap mountains, and the undulating waves from the sea. I do have admit though, seeing tankers so close to the beach was a bit weird to me. Looking behind me, the BBQ was starting up, and though it was a little slow at first, food was good and plentiful!

Glorious FOOD!!!

The weather was a bit cold on and off. The breeze from the sea brought cool air. And when the sun was covered by clouds, you can certainly fill the chill. We weren't expecting such cold weather, since it's been quite warm on campus, and at the playground near our house. I had to lend my thin jacket to Melur. She was very grateful for it.

BBBRRRRR..... It's COLD!!!

After lunch, we headed back to the beach for some more fun and relaxation. Some of the guys played Ultimate Frisbee, and then a little soccer. The kids on the other hand enjoyed the sand, sifting through it looking for hidden treasure. Arman liked playing with a certain large stick while saying "It's heavy!". Here are some more pictures!

Fun Day with the Family

The kids enjoyed climbing too. Lots of logs and dead tree stumps to climb and play with. It's nice to see the kids playing with each other, and challenging themselves. They look like they're having such a great time at the beach. As usual, I think the pictures speak louder than words. Such energy! Click on the pictures to make them larger. See Arman scale the log!

Scale that Log

I had to leave Arman with one of my friends while I took Melur to the washroom, which was a few minutes away. All the way back, Melur walked along the logs that were situated along the edge of the beach. Kids can find the simplest things to amuse themselves. Do you remember the times you were like that?

Walk in the Park

After all that, 4:30PM, and it was time to head back. We took a different route, one that was a shorter walk, but up a steep incline. When we got to the bus stop, we saw this little quaint house with a hedge for a fence, and a little cave going down to the main entrance. It's not too clear from the picture, but you can also see snow-capped mountains through that little cave. Melur posed for the picture.

Time to go home

And that was our day spent at Jericho Beach having a BBQ with UBC students. We'll be sure to come to beach again, next time with Mommy.

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