Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home Again

It rained today, so we spent most of the day at home...

It's Raining Outside...

We lazed around the house watching TV. Mommy made tuna sandwiches for lunch. You see Melur having hers at the dinner table.

Just at home

It's the end of the semester, and a lot of people are moving out. Seeing as our house is still quite bare (without much furniture, especially the living room), we sought to get some second hand stuff at garage sales around campus. We headed out in the rain in search of cheap stuff.

Out in the Rain...

When we got home, we hung around the TV again. Hahahaa... We're all in our bare living room, just hanging out.

Family Hanging Out...

Here are some pictures of Arman watching his favorite TV show, "Go, Diego Go", which is a show about Diego the Animal Rescuer. Diego is Dora's cousin, if you know the other show, "Dora the Explorer". Anyway, Arman can really focus of TV nowadays. He used to not understand the concept.

Diego the Animal Rescuer

Later in the day, it was time for Daddy to get some groceries. Melur wanted to stay home with Mommy. So it's Daddy and Arman again, together to Safeway. You see Arman wearing Daddy's hat in the rain. He prefers it to his jacket hood.

Arman in Daddy's Hat

That's all for today. As usual, this blog is just an excuse to put of pictures of our kids. I hope you guys are enjoying it!

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