Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goodbye Sea Turtle

Saturday, 31st March is Melur and Arman's last day for swimming lessons. They were enrolled in the Sea Turtle program, and they both got their report cards today from their instructor. Here are the comments:

Instructor's comments for Melur
Excellent progress! Way to be. Try harder to pay attention in class and listen to the instructor, but keep up the great work!

Instructor's comments for Arman
Good effort Arman! Try a bit harder to participate in games as well as getting your head under water for rhythmic breathing and submersion. Keep up the effort.

So, Melur can register to the next level (Salamander) and Arman stays in Sea Turtle. Mommy and Daddy think that we will register Melur for the Spring classes that start in May. We will register Arman in the winter instead. He needs to be a bit more mature thats all.

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