Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Saturday

Another Saturday, another day with the family. After swimming class, we headed out to McDonald's for lunch. We were out of groceries, and didn't have anything to cook at home. Looking back, we've actually taken a lot of pictures at McDonald's. It's just that whenever we decide to go out to eat (which is usually once every 1-2 weeks), we usually end up at McDonald's for Fish Fillets and Happy Meals with Grilled Cheese. The kids like that. Where else would we go?

Lunch and McDonald's... again...

After lunch, we headed to the library and borrowed some books, and got some groceries. Mommy headed home with the kids, while Daddy had to buy some meat from the Halal Store. On the way back, Daddy stopped by Tim Horton's for some TimBits. Mmmmmm.... TimBits....

I want some TIMBITS!

When Daddy got home, Daddy was greeted lovingly by Melur and Arman (I wonder why?). We enjoyed TimBits as an after-dinner desert. Let's not make this into a ritual. But it's just SOOO good, and SOOO cheap.... You've gotta try if if you haven't already. Only CAD2.50 for a box of 20 little golden nuggets of sweet tasting sensations!

That's all for now!