Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rain, Rain... And More Rain

It's raining again this FINE Sunday morning. And when it's cold and wet outside, we usually decide to just stay home.

More Rain = Home Again

Who wants to go outside in this weather?

Don't you just feel like sleeping when it rains outside. It gets so dark inside the house. And the pitter patter of rain is so conducive to sleep, what with such a busy week at work (or at school). This is the view from our TV room, which has sliding glass doors.

And look at that rain... It's nothing like Malaysia. This is the view from the back of the house, through the sliding glass doors. Just to the left is the playground where the kids would play, should the weather be warmer and brighter.

And today we decided to go with NO TV. The kids watched TV most of the morning, and so Daddy decided to unplug the TV and do something a little more interesting...

PLAYDOH! The kids just love playing with this stuff. We play on the dinner table, since it's the only table we have in the entire house. Melur is usually quite good at cleaning up after herself. She's also good at using everyday items to imprint patterns on the dough. For example, she put the dough over a container to see what kind of pattern gets imprinted in the dough.

After playing with the playdough, we played doctor in the living room. The kids were so busy trying to get me to lie down, and then they tried covering me up with a blanket, as if I was sick. It was so much fun playing with the kids. Who says we can't have fun at home on a rainy day!

That's pretty much all we did this fine Sunday afternoon. Who knows what next weekend will bring. Stay tuned...

Arman engrossed with PlayDoh

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