Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fun Filled Family Fiesta

It's Saturday, and we're all home as a family. The weather is beautiful outside, but we stayed home for part of the afternoon, after this morning's swimming class (See previous post). The kids are usually quite tired after swimming anyway. I took some pictures of Arman, he's so cute.

Here are some pictures of him:

Today, Melur showed a lot of artistic flair. For starters, she styled Mommy's hair. She was very focused in her endeavor. You'll notice a very stern look in her face as she's styling Mommy's hair. What dedication!

Then... you know how Melur's obsessed with princesses? She made a tiara for Mommy. She made it with a hand drum, a toy cone, some paper and scotch tape. Check it out! She's so creative.

Melur's Hand-Made Tiara

Since we're on the subject of Melur's art, I just HAVE to share these other art pieces created by Melur over the past few months. She draws by copying what she sees around her. Her pictures usually tell a story. But you gotta hear it from her in order to really experience it. Here are some pictures.

The weather's been so good today. We went out later and relaxed in the sun. Perfect ending to the perfect Fun Filled Family Fiesta...

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