Sunday, March 25, 2007

Safeway Sunday

It's a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon. Melur wanted to stay home with Mommy, so I ended up leaving the house with Arman to go to Safeway for some groceries. We headed out to the bus stop, located just outside Acadia Park. I was looking forward to a day alone with Arman on such a beautiful day. We took some pictures from the bus stop.

Arman and Daddy at Acadia Park Bus Stop

But wait... Mommy gives me a call and Melur wants to follow!!! Aww... Good thing the bus hadn't arrived yet. Looks like it'll be the three of us again.

Hurry Melur! Hurry!!!

Melur arrives in time for the bus. Fuh!! What a run... I guess Melur got bored with playing at the park by herself, and decided to come long for the ride. The more, the merrier, I say... The C22 shuttle soon arrived at the bus stop, and we were on our way to Safeway. The nice weather clearly lifted our spirits. Could this be the start of sunnier days to come?

We actually visited the dollar store first. It's one of my favorite places to bring the kids. Cause if the kids ever want anything, it's usually only a dollar (Hahaha...)! We arrived at Safeway soon after. You see Arman eating a strawberry wafer we got at, you guessed it, at the dollar store! And the cost is, you guessed it, a DOLLAR! The dollar store is a kid-pleaser, and easy on the pocket.

The trip to Safeway was quick and easy. Their favorite car-shaped shopping cart was, as usual, occupied... so we ended up with a regular shopping cart. Soon after, we headed home, with the kids feeling tired... Melur especially. Arman was not too bad. We like to sit in the front the bus, cause there are more seats facing each other, and more space to stand.

Kids on the bus home

We took the 99 B-Line bus, and arrive at the UBC loop just after the C22 shuttle left the terminal. So it was going to be another 30-minute wait before the next one arrives. Look at all those groceries. I was getting a little cranky having to carry all that stuff around. So while waiting for the bus, I thought I'd relax, and let the kids play a little bit outside the UBC Rec Center. Arman has a fascination for rocks, while Melur picked flowers. I insisted that Melur only pick wild flowers, and not the ones that were planted by UBC for landscaping. Here are some pictures:

Kids playing outside UBC Rec Center

We headed home soon after, and that was the end of one of our many trips to Safeway...

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