Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bottles from Oakridge Centre

Swimming class was canceled today. Turns out, there was a brief power outage last night, that affected the swimming pool's mechanical systems. And we didn't know until we got there. Usually, the kids are very tired after swimming, and we wouldn't be able to do much else. But today, we decided to head over to Oakridge Mall, to get the kids some new bottles.

We saw a reality show on TV recently, called Nannies 911. It's a show where a British nanny would baby sit for an American family for a few days. The families in this show are usually in dire need of help, and the nannies help point out some better ways to parent. One of the things mentioned was to replace their milk bottles with a substitute item.

As you can see, we took a lot of pictures on the bus. We left in hurry, and I got mad at Melur cause I thought we missed the bus. But it turns out, we just barely made it. The bus ride there was about 45 minutes. Almost like going to Metrotown, which is probably why we haven't been to Oakridge Mall, since Halloween. Remember the Gorilla outfit?

I don't know why, but Arman didn't like taking pictures. He'd turn away whenever I pointed the camera phone at him. I had to tickle him, in order to get him to corporate. That's why he's always laughing in these pictures. Arman is always jovial, and happy. It's contagious!

Fun taking pictures in the bus

Well, the first thing we did when we arrived was walk into Zeller's. This is where we got new bottles for Melur and Arman. You'll see more pictures of the bottles a little later. Ironically, Melur got a Dora bottle, and Arman got a Spiderman bottle (just like the snow caps they have).

After buying the bottles, we went into the mall and walked for a little bit. I saw a sale for some pots and pans, up to 80% off. There was a Teflon cookware set originally CAD$299 on sale for CAD$89. On an impulse, I got it and took it home. With such a big box to carry with me, it was time to head back.

Well, since we barely spent any time at the mall, I decided to let the kids play outside for a little while. It was cloudy outside, overcast, but not too bad. The kids love playing outside. I saw a sign for Empire Movie Theater. We haven't gone to a theater since coming to Vancouver. I think we'll watch a movie next weekend.

Fun playing outside Oakridge Mall

Well... It's time to head home. The kids are tired... and sleepy... which usually means they're cranky, but not today. Look at Arman.... He's YAWNING... The kids were restless while waiting for the bus. The were pacing back and forth. I had to sit them down. More Pictures...

Restless at the bus stop

So I finally gave their bottles. Here they are... Dora and Spiderman. No drinking from them, until we get home and wash them. They're too tired to be really excited about them. But I think they're happy.

New Bottles for Melur and Arman

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