Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Junction 32 @ Castleford

Hello... hello... finally it's time for Mommy to blog since Daddy insisted...

So we decided to go to the Outlet Mall at Castleford. For some reason, Castleford was much easier to find compared to the Strawberry Farm at Norton. We even took pictures of the road signs... big signs with brown background and white letters reading "OUTLET VILLAGE", urging tourists like us to spend money and contribute towards the UK GDP...:)

We headed out quite early and had lunch. All of us had fish and chips. Ah... now we are reminded of our first fish and chips in UK. We bought some at Dunkeld... the beautiful, quaint town we visited in Scotland. The fish and chips at Dunkeld were really good and fresh. The ones at the Outlet Mall were only so-so. The kids enjoyed the lunch though... just look at Arman eating.

We spent between 4-5 hours shopping. The clothes were really cheap. You can get shirts, sweaters and jeans for kids from 1-2 pounds. You can also get work outfits for less than 10 pounds. Mommy was tempted to get a few but then… where is she going to wear them to? It's not like you wear suits to classes. We also bought shoes, and lots of chocolates. Melur was excited because we bought her a pencil case set for school.

We left around 5pm and Daddy, Mommy, Melur, Arman and Nenek went off to see Auntie Eva and family again. The rest of the gang headed back to the cottage...

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