Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Glamis Castle

We had a late start today. After breakfast, we packed lunch and got ready for a picnic at the Strawberry Farm. We left the house around noon, and followed our host's direction and headed toward Dundee. The Strawberry Farm should be somewhere along the way. We were hoping to find signs.

After an hour of driving around, asking for directions, we only came across a commercial Strawberry Farm, which was not open to the public. Since Mommy and Daddy don't have a car in Vancouver, we really wanted to take this opportunity (with the rental car in Scotland) to visit a Strawberry Farm, which is in season during the summer. Looks like we would have to postpone that event till later this week.

After giving up on the Strawberry Farm, we headed toward Glamis Castle. The view driving into the compound was impressive. After paying for tickets and parking the car, we decided to have our lunch picnic first. It was already close to 2 pm. There were ample picnic tables in the grounds for a festive and delightful picnic outside in the sun (with only some clouds).

After lunch, we began our exploration of the grounds. We decided to take the tour, which would only start at 4:30 pm. We ended up going to the gardens first. It was our first garden experience in the UK. I remember reading that maintenance for castles and gardens were quite high, and thus required the public to be charged admission just for up keep.

The tour was rather long, but the history was fantastic. It amazing how much information is past on through the centuries, preserving the history that came with the place. Sorry, we couldn't take any pictures during the tour.

We ended with a visit to the gift shop, and relaxing by the fountain. I wonder where we'll go tomorrow.

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