Sunday, July 15, 2007

Auntie Eva at Leeds

We are now in Sheffield. Daddy drove down from Scotland yesterday with Pak ‘Usu. That was a 6-hour drive. Everybody else took the train. Just like in Dundee, all the car rental companies are closed here in Sheffield on the weekend. And seeing as we need a car this weekend, Daddy had to drive down. Daddy picked up everybody from the train station, and we checked into our ‘cottage’ accommodation late yesterday evening.

The cottage is pretty nice. It’s a converted barn… not as nice as the Neids Cottage, but nice just the same. But since it’s in the farmland, we had nice odors all day long. The cottage is newly renovated, and the loft was beautifully made. We quickly made it our home.

Some of us were still recovering from yesterday’s travel day. And so Mommy, Daddy and the kids took the car up to Leeds to visit Auntie Eva. Everybody else stay home. Auntie Eva is an old family friend, who recently had a second baby girl. Auntie Eva and Uncle Alfie were VERY hospitable. They’ve settled down quite nicely in the UK, and shared many of their experiences with us. They also recommended an outlet mall called Castleford. We looked forward to fitting that into our schedule this week, before we head to London.

It was unfortunate that Nenek was unable to join us today. Auntie Eva really wanted to see her again, and so we made it a point to visit Kak Eva again later this week. Before heading home, Uncle Alfie showed us to the local Halal food store, were we purchased some meat for the week. Halal food is pretty easy to come by in the UK. I guess we were told that, but didn’t really know what to expect.

And that was pretty much our first full day in Sheffield.

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