Sunday, July 22, 2007

Natural History Museum

Nenek and all the Aunties left back for Malaysia bright and early this morning. Pak Usu followed them to the airport, and headed back to Sheffield after. Melur and Arman were still sleeping. So it’s just us in London, till we head back to Vancouver on Tuesday.

We took it easy this Sunday. We slept in a little bit, and enjoyed our free continental breakfast that came with the accommodation. After relaxing most of the morning, we decided to head over the Natural History Museum, just down the road.

The Natural History Museum was just about 3 blocks east of where we were staying near Earl’s Court. We anticipated a long line getting in, but it actually wasn’t that bad. After having our bags checked at security, we made our way in into the main entryway. We had seen the movie “Night at the Museum” recently, and the kids were excited to see dinosaurs, and whatever else the museum had to offer.

After a few minutes of looking through dinosaur bones, we decided to go through the section with spiders, insects, crabs and other creepy crawlies. Mommy didn’t want to journey in, so it was just Melur, Arman and Daddy. I was quite surprised with the display. It’s very interactive, with videos and demos that kids could play with. We say all kinds of spiders and really large crabs. Check out the crab below. It’s HUGE!

The final exhibit we saw was the geological exhibit. We saw many rock formations, crystals and exhibits related to volcanoes. Again, the interactive aspect of the exhibit was incredible. I remember being so bored going to the museum as kids. But the kids kept fiddling with all the little gadgets on display.

That’s pretty much all we did for the day. After leaving the museum, we headed up to Edgeware Road where we were just a few days before, for some Halal grub. Today, we went to the “Halal Restaurant”; literally… that’s what it’s called (How Creative!). The food was pretty good, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Two more days to go! What will we do tomorrow?

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