Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Graduation at Sheffield

Well... today is 'THE DAY,' the reason why we are all in UK... yupp, today is Pak Usu's graduation day. Finally, after years and years in school... he can join the workforce and hopefully, earn some money.

The graduation ceremony is at half past noon. We woke up and took our time to get ready. Pak Usu stayed at his apartment for the night since he needed to make arrangements the day before. We met him at 11am and walked towards the Engineering building. It was a short walk but we got to see the 'college town.' Most of the houses had rental signs outside...or signs welcoming new students.

The ceremony started on time. Only Mak and Andak went into the graduation hall. The rest of the gang watched the ceremony from a big screen tv set in the nearby Student Union building. The speeches were short and so it wasn't too bad. The kids got a bit restless at times but we bribed them with chips now and then. We watched as they call one student after another to receive their scrolls... quite a few Malaysians in Sheffield really... especially in Engineering.

After the ceremony we took lots of pictures. We were not sure where to go for our celebration dinner... and everybody was already starving. So we opted for kebab at a nearby Halal store for late lunch-cum-dinner. We spent the rest of the evening leisurely at the cottage.

Congratulations Pak Usu and good luck in your job hunt!

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