Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Swim Class for 2009

It is the first day of swimming for Melur and Arman for the winter session. Melur is registered for the K03 level, while Arman is registered for the P4 (Salamander) level. Both lessons are for 30 minutes, and start at the same time... Good news for Mommy and Papa, since both of us can take this opportunity to swim a few laps while waiting for the kids. Everybody ends up getting a little bit of physical activity on Sunday mornings.

Melur has been progressing well in her swimming lessons. She started off taking lessons at the UBC Aquatics Centre since January 2006. She progressed from the pre-school classes - P3 (Sea Turtle) to P4 (Salamander) to P5 (Sun Fish)... and later on the children classes - K02 and K03. Well done Melur!

As for Arman, this is his third attempt at P4. He has a difficult time with his kicks because his legs are not straight... but at least he seems to be enjoying playing in the water. Go on Arman... don't give up!

Anyway, we usually enjoy a 10-minute dip in the Jacuzzi after swimming. Here's a video:

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