Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Teo

Teo is having a birthday party today, at the Gym, a favourite for kids’ birthday parties in the UBC area. Teo is another one of Arman's classmates from Kinderclub. He lives just 4 doors up the block (we're on the same block, literally).

Anyway, the day's festivities began with our customary trip to Kumon. We had to hurry, so I decided to let the kids ride their bikes to the bus stop. Walking there usually takes about 15-20 minutes, so riding their bikes was a big time saver. Here they are cheerfully waiting for the bus, with their bike helmets still on.

After Kumon, it was onward to the Gym. Melur tagged along even though it was only Arman who was invited. There were some vacancies at the party, so Teo's mom let Melur join in the festivities. Say thank you, Melur. And she did.

The first portion of parties at the Gym is of course the gymnastics part. I took some pictures and videos of the event. They played some hide and seek:

And they also played with this huge parachute that they made into a bubble, while they sat inside (that's what this is):

Teo and the Parachute

There were plenty of games. A pretty good set of activities, if you ask me. After the gym portion, we headed upstairs for the party portion, which means food and cake for the guests. As you can see, there were a lot of kids there. Quite the big party!

Happy Birthday, Teo!

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