Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Qianah

It's Saturday, and Arman's invited to attend Qianah's birthday party today. Qianah is Arman's classmate from Kinderclub, and Arman (and Daddy) sometimes get a ride home with Qianah (and her Mom) after school. But before we get to the party, let me tell you about the events leading up to the party.

We start-off with our usual trip to Kumon on Broadway and Ash. We do this every Saturday, just Daddy and the kids. It's a short trip, really. Melur and Arman have daily Kumon homework, and they get reviewed during these trips to Kumon. Daddy takes them on Saturday, while Mommy takes them on Mondays. Today, Arman finished his Kumon work before Melur, and you see him dancing in the waiting area.

After Kumon, we traversed the rain to Toys R Us, to get Qianah a birthday present. I didn't agree with many of the things Arman wanted to get, so I let Melur choose a gift for Qianah. I hope Qianah likes it.

After that, we headed back home. The trip to Kumon and Toys R Us took most of the afternoon, so we hurried back to wrap the present. Here we are at the bus stop:

We got to Qianah's birthday party in time (pretty much). Eventhough it was only Arman who was invited to the party, Qianah's mom invited Melur as well when she saw her with me. Thank you Qianah's mom. I know they'll have a blast together.

The party was very festive. Usually, when Arman gets invited to one of his classmates' birthday parties, the attendees are usually also his classmates. Not so the case here. But the kids were able to fit in. Check out all the videos and pictures from the party.

One thing to note, we met another “Arman” at the party. Although his name is spelled slightly differently, Armoun I think, the pronunciation is exactly the same. How cool is that?

At the end of the party, the rain turned to snow. What a snowy winter we're getting here in Vancouver this year. Check it out:

Anyway, thank you Qianah for inviting Arman and Melur to your party. We certainly had a a lot of fun. We hope you did too, and that you enjoy our gift to you.

Happy Birthday Qianah!

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Mahshid said...

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Qianah exlore it at google and find it it was amazing :)))