Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chess at the Old Barn

Arman has been getting really good at chess. Daddy has been teaching him some strategy, and he seems to be picking them up pretty well. He’s starting to beat his classmates at Kinderclub who used to beat him. Arman’s memory is quite impressive. Daddy tries not to overload his brain, giving him one strategy every one or two days (they’re more like tactics really, since that’s how Daddy plays). One of the first defences he’s learned in the King’s Indian Defence, which he’s taken a liking too.

Anyway, with all this talk about chess, Mommy found a chess club on campus, at the Old Barn Community Centre. Incidentally, it starts at 12 pm on Sundays, right after Swim Class. And so we decided to check it out today, after swim class. Here’s a video of us making our way to the Old Barn Community Centre. Mommy and Daddy think the kids are quite excited to check it out. It’s something new after all:

We met with the instructor, Lior, who was very nice. He seems very excited with the turn up, and took pictures of everyone in the club (on his iPhone), along with their names and contact info. Daddy introduced Arman and someone who’s taken a strong liking to chess, and Lior just had to check Arman out (I think I may have hyped up Arman’s abilities a little bit). Here they are playing chess:

Arman vs. Lior

Lior was pretty impressed with Arman. Arman’s only five, after all. And Arman was able to play the King’s Indian Defence. Arman couldn’t stop talking about it, really. Arman’s so excited about the game, Lior had to calm him down many times.

Davis vs. Arman

After playing with Lior, Arman played a few more games with the other club members. Arman was able to beat some, but he lost some too. There’s still a ways to go for his “training”.

Arman vs. Ben

Melur didn’t sit idly by either. She’s not as enthusiastic about chess as Arman is, but she can play the occasional game or two. Here’s a picture of Melur in action:

Melur vs. Annie

Coming to the chess club was a pretty good idea. I guess this will be our family’s ritual for the next few weeks, swimming followed by chess club on Sundays. Saturdays will be Kumon. Lior is setting up a tournament, and Arman will be participating in that.

Good luck, Arman!

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