Saturday, January 24, 2009

Errands with Daddy

We did our Kumon thing this morning, as usual, and headed back to the University Village for a short dentist appointment for Melur at 12:30 pm. If you remember, in our last dental check-up, Melur had some cavities on her newly erupted molar. The dentists needs to check the molars if they’re operable. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait some more before the dentist can remove and fill the cavities.

After the dentist appointment (which was really very short), we headed to the bus stop to take the #41 bus to Oakridge Mall. The kids need some new clothes.

We were in and out of Zellers pretty quickly, and headed over to the food court for a snack. We had some seafood teriyaki. Tasty…

After that, it was back on the #41 again, further east to Fraser St to get some halal meat.

That was the last of Daddy’s errands for the day: Kumon, Dentist, Zellers and Halal store. What a day! On the way back, Arman filled up a form from the bus, to urge the government to buy more buses. I just explained the gist of the contents of the pamphlet, but he was pretty excited and adamant to contribute to the cause.

Do we really need more buses in Vancouver? I don’t know. But Arman seems to think so.

You go, Arman!


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