Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vancouver Fog

It’s another Saturday, but an activity-filled Saturday as it turned out to be. For one, Daddy has an audition for Malaysia Singapore Night 2009. Daddy left the Gardenburst group recently, but decided to help some Malaysians put together something for this special night. Of course, Daddy can’t ignore his other responsibilities for the day, namely Kumon for the kids.

We hurried our way to Kumon this morning, and hurried our way back to UBC right after. When we arrived, it was really foggy. It’s been kind of foggy these past few days, but not quite like this. We made our way to the audition venue, some blocks from where the bus let us off. Check out the Vancouver fog:

We arrived on time for the audition, but they were running a little behind. We decided to wander about the halls a little bit. We were in the music department, as it turned out, and we were surprised to find vacant rooms filled with grand pianos. The kids just had to give them a try. I would’ve too, but I was too busy watching over the kids (and making sure they didn’t get into trouble).

The audition went terribly wrong. We didn’t practice enough to perform as a cohesive group, and we weren’t allowed to play our instruments very loud (so we weren’t able to hear ourselved very well). My thought – we were terrible. But seeing as we were the ONLY Malaysian group to perform, and Kakak Jehan was able to do some sweet-talking, we managed to secure another audition closer to the event date. Way to go, Kakak Jehan! We’ll have to really practice now, so as not to make a fool of ourselves come MSN.

It was lunchtime, and it was getting a little late. As we headed home, we gave Mommy a call, and decided to rendezvous at the University Village for some lunch. And so, we ended up having some Seafood Teriyaki. Yummy…

After that, we headed back to UBC SUB. There’s a package from Malaysia we needed to pick-up. On our way there, we decided to check out the university bookstore. I wanted to check out the Gelskins, protective stickers for my laptop. We ended up getting two, one for me and one for the Mommy. They’re pretty cool!

And now it was onward to the post office, to pick up Mommy’s package from Malaysia. It was still very foggy outside. You wouldn’t guess it was mid afternoon by the looks of it.

After we picked up the package, we headed back home. By the way, thanks for the package guys (you know who you are). Check out Melur. For some reason, she didn’t want her picture taken and hid he face in her hood. Apalah!

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