Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa

Many things are happening today, as we mentioned in yesterday’s post. We start with Mommy’s Fall Classic 5K Run early this morning. She’s been training for it, a little bit. And today she gets to put her hard work to the test. Mommy finished in 00:36:58, 2 seconds shy of 37 minutes. That’s a WHOLE SECOND faster than her 2007 UBC Longest Day Run, at 00:36:59. Good Job, Mommy!

After the run, it was time for Arman’s gymnastics class. And right after that, Arman went to attend Aidan’s birthday party. I was surprised to learn that Aidan’s party coincided with my birthday, but as it turns out, his actual birthday is on 19 November. Happy Birthday, Aidan!

As with Melur’s birthday party at the UBC gym, Aidan’s party started with an hour of gym. I left Arman there by himself, and rejoined him at the second portion of the party… the food part.

The kids were pretty organized. I was surprised that Aidan’s mom prepared some pretty healthy food (fruits and vegetables) appetizers for the party. I think we should do that too, in the future. After the pizza and cake was served, it was time to open the presents.

Aidan got a lot of presents today. All the kids crowded around to see. Arman got Aidan 2 Transformers. We hope Aidan enjoys them. The kids were very rambunctious, running around with balloons, and rather physical with their play. There were only 2 girls there. And the remaining boy… Well, boys will be boys.

Later in the afternoon, it was time for Daddy’s birthday party. We invited the Malaysian students over for some cake over tea. Mommy got me a nice mocha cake from True Confections. Some of the guests arrived late, so we started a head.

The late guests actually came bearing gifts. I really wasn’t expecting any. I had a wonderful birthday celebration yesterday, and the gift Mommy got for me was excellent! But today, I got a leather strap for my guitar. Thanks, guys! I love it. I spent part of the evening showing off my new net book to the other Malaysians.

And that was pretty much our special birthday Sunday, which included a run and another birthday party.

Happy Birthday Papa

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