Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prelude to Tomorrow

So tomorrow will be filled with many activities. Mommy will be running the Fall Classic. After gymnastics, Arman will be attending Aidan’s birthday party. And tomorrow is also Daddy’s birthday. And in preparation for tomorrow, we have a whole bunch of things to do today.

We start with a trip to Toys R Us. Since we didn’t manage to get a gift for Aidan last weekend, we had to make a quick stop today. Arman managed to pick something quickly, and after that we were on our way to the Running Room.

We walked about 5 blocks west to Running Room. It’s getting cold with winter just around the corner. Mommy needs a light running jacket for tomorrow’s race. Arman and Melur had a blast running around the store.

The trip to the running room was quite short too. Right after, we decided to have a little –pre-birthday dinner at Hime Sushi, to celebrate Daddy’s birthday. But seeing as we arrived quite early for dinner, we decided to drop by the public library just next door. We sat down and looked through a few books.

Arman loves the Otto books by Todd Parr, as you see in the video above. We’ve borrowed quite a few of his books in the past. He’s even thought about writing to him.

Soon, it was time to dinner. I love this place, as I know the kids do. We ordered a LOT of food. It’s my birthday, after all. You can see for yourself.

After dinner, we felt like desert. But unfortunately, Hime Sushi doesn’t have a desert menu, at all. So we dropped by McDonald’s on the way home, for a fudge sundae.

When we got home, Daddy opened his presents a day early. Well, in my defence, it’s only a couple of hours early in Vancouver. It’s already by birthday in Malaysia, if you really think about it. Mommy got Daddy a new net book – the Acer Aspire One. I love it… And like always, Melur made me a special present for my, all by herself – her very own special brand of artwork made with tender loving car. Thank you Melur.

Now that the prelude is done, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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