Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dentist Time

Okay, so it’s been a little over 7 months since Melur and Arman went to see a dentist. The last time we saw Dr Moy was some time in March. During the last check-up, Melur was cavity-free, and Arman needed some fillings. This time around though, Arman is cavity-free. Melur however, has some cavities on her newly erupted molars. Apparently, there are some deformities, or dents, on her new teeth, that make it easy for food to collect.

Anyway… we came straight from swimming classes, and we forgot to bring the camera. So we have to make do with pictures from Daddy’s camera phone (which needs to be upgraded BTW).

Since Melur’s cavities are on her newly erupted molars, the dentists won’t be able to perform any work on it, until it matures a little more. Melur will have to come back in a month to check on the progress of the tooth. In the mean time, she’ll have to live with the cavity and brush well, so that it doesn’t spread too much further.

That’s pretty much the dental update from Melur and Arman.

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