Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

The good thing about having a Blog, especially after doing it for a few years, is that you start to build a library of memories of past events. We’ve been in Vancouver for over 2 years now, and today marks our third Halloween here. If you want to see Last Years Halloween, or Halloween from the year before, all you have to do is click through. How cool is that?

Anyway, I think this year’s Halloween was pretty cool. As part of an agreement with my department co-workers, I had to dress up as one of The Village People. My little get-up received quite the reaction. Here I am with the kids (picture above), ready to go Trick or Treating. Can you guess who I am?

This year, Arman got a brand new outfit from Zellers. He’s a Henja (Okay, he’s a Ninja, but he sounds so cute saying “Henja”)! We got it 2 weeks ago. Melur got some new wings with last years dress, and went as a fairy. They both look quite cute, and certainly very excited for the evening. And as with previous years, Mommy held the fort at home to dish out the treats. No tricks please…

I must say though, this year’s “harvest” wasn’t as good as previous years’. All the houses in Acadia Park were out of candy pretty quickly. I think we’ve had a lot of new comers to UBC this year. I remember when we first came, we ran out of candy very quickly. And we learned to stock up the following years.

But we had lots of fun. Melur and Arman met with many of their friends along the way, as can see above. Arman got cold and tired, and headed home first. Melur and I tried a few more houses on our way to the University Village, but they were all out of candy. And so we ended the evening with some take out – Japanese food. Mmm... Yummy...

For more pictures, check out our album on Facebook.

Happy Halloween

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