Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Another entry without pictures…

It’s our second Halloween in Vancouver. We know what to expect this time around. After running out of candy so early in the day last year, we ended up buying cases (and I mean cases) of candy, mainly chocolates.

We recycled the ape outfit – Arman went as the Ape. Melur dressed up as a princess. Like last year, Daddy took the kids out ‘Trick or Treat’ing, while Mommy held down the fort with Candy Duty. We started out kind of early, at around 5pm, and made our way around the blocks.

As expected, Acadia Park was packed with people, mostly kids in all sorts of costumes and outfits. Melur and Arman were very eager to get their share of candy. Daddy made sure the kids stayed together, and that Melur watched over Arman (as a big sister should). Arman was almost always lagging behind, but not that far behind.

Halfway through, we ran into Melur’s classmate Arshia and her mom. Arshia was dressed as witch. We took some pictures together, but our copies are lost.

UPDATED: I got some pictures from Arshia's mom (Thanks Pooja)!!! Here are pictures of Melur with Arshia. Check it out:

The kids got tired soon after. It was still light outside, but I guess they got enough candy, and so we headed home. We had extra candy this time around. Better extra than not enough. All in all, quite a memorable evening.

Happy Halloween!

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