Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Black Out!

Another one this year….

Last year, we had a few black outs, mostly because the UBC grid was running close to or over capacity. But I think black outs in Vancouver are not too out of the ordinary. The winds get rather strong towards winter, knocking down trees and branches, which then take down the power lines. But the city is quick to resolve these matters.

And today, we had another blackout. I was home alone with the kids when it happened, and we took this opportunity to relax and take some pictures. The kids are always so happy, no matter what happens. These little surprises make life a little interesting. And the blackouts don't usually last that long. I think they enjoy having candles light up the house.

When the flash goes off, it looks like the lights are on, but believe me, there aren’t any lights. Here’s a picture Melur took of Daddy and Arman:

And here’s a picture Arman took of Daddy and Melur:

And that was that. Mommy should be coming home soon now that there’s a black out. Come on home, Mommy!

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