Sunday, November 25, 2007

It’s the weekend…

It’s Sunday, to be exact. I thought I’d take some pictures and enjoy the weekend with the kids. This is the last weekend before Mommy and the kids head back to Malaysia. **SOB** **SOB**. I’m going to miss them.

I usually make a special breakfast on the weekends (since I have a little more time to cook), and then we hang out for a little bit in the living room. I love to tickle the kids. They're so.... 'tickle'-able, if there's such a word. They seem to enjoy it... in general. The house will be so quiet without them.

I recently bought Arman a used bike from a garage sale at the commons block. It’s approaching winter, so people don’t usually bike outside. But since it’s only CAD10, I thought I’d just get it. It’s a little small. We can get Arman a larger newer bike (like Melur’s) in the spring when it’s warmer.

In any case, it looks like he really enjoys the bike, even though it’s used. Here you see them riding the bike in front of the house. They’re kind of disturbing this couple trying to play badminton. But it was only for a while. They’re heading back to Malaysia soon anyway, so soak it up.

Arman needs a bigger bike

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