Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa

So Papa’s birthday is finally here. I made it all the way to White Spot after work to meet up with Mommy and the kids. As you probably already know, we go to White Spot on special occasions, since it’s not too expensive, and it has a nice family atmosphere. I’m looking forward to a nice, somewhat quiet, evening with the family.

Dinner was good. After dinner, we had cake of course. And then Mommy brought out the gifts. Per my request, Mommy got Daddy some guitar accessories. Since Daddy’s been playing in a lot of gigs with Gardenburst, he could use some new stuff. The kids also gave Daddy a picture frame each (one from Arman, and one from Melur). They were hand decorated. Aww… These will be sitting on my desk at work.

We forgot to bring the camera, so we had to use the camera phone. The quality isn’t so good, but the evening was still memorable. Thank you Melur, Arman and Mommy for a beautiful evening. I love you guys!

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