Monday, October 15, 2007

Appointment at Acadia Pre-School

Daddy took the day off today to take Arman to see the instructors at Acadia Preschool with Mommy. We had an appointment to discuss some issues with Arman. We weren’t sure how serious it was, and felt a little bit nervous. But we made our way there anyway.

The teacher was rather concerned about Arman’s speech. We thought it was normal, since Melur talked the same way even after we arrived in Vancouver. The teacher was also concerned about the way Arman sat. And she recommended we see someone just in case. Apparently, a lot of health services are free for kids. Why not give it a shot, right? So we got a number, and that was the whole point of our trip.

We let Arman play at the park for a little bit. It was a nice day out, but it started to drizzle, so we headed back. Later that day, Arman followed me to do some errands. And that was the end of this Monday.

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