Saturday, October 6, 2007

Iftar at the Boys'

Today, some of the students were hosting their own Buka Puasa at the Boys’ Place at Fairview. We’re planning on hosting our own Iftar tomorrow, so I guess they’re in the same spirit. We weren’t originally planning on going to the Boys’ Place because Daddy actually has a gig at the CSSA Mid Autumn Festival. But Daddy met Zul and Ina at Safeway while doing the groceries. Zul and Ina were busy preparing for the event, and urged us to come over. And so we decided to drop by, even for just a little while.

The mood was very festive. Raya music was playing on the stereo. Ina and the gang prepared a huge assortment of food. Quite impressive… Thanks, Ina! Since we didn’t stay very long, we didn’t get to take that many pictures. But our brief stay was extremely enjoyable.

Sorry we couldn’t stay longer. Daddy had to leave in about half an hour, and so Mommy headed home with the kids at the same time. The event went pretty well. You can view Daddy’s rendition of “Tong Hua” on You Tube. Tomorrow we prepare for our own Iftar with a big ole turkey.

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