Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!

Tomorrow is Mommy’s Birthday. But seeing as Mommy would most certainly expect something tomorrow (or rather, tonight at midnight), Daddy thought he’d surprise her today instead. And so Daddy prepared a special day this Friday evening for Mommy.

**Daddy took some really cool videos of Mommy (and the kids, of course) today, but again, the videos and pictures are all gone **Sob Sob**. But I will always remember her reaction when I think about this day. I’ll try to describe some of it here…

I started by hiding Mommy’s birthday cake outside. It was an ice-cream cake. It’s winter, and the ice-cream cake will stay cool while I prepare the rest of the evening. When Mommy went upstairs to pray, it was my perfect opportunity. I took my laptop and hid it under the sofa. And in its place, I put Mommy’s new laptop, which I got from Future Shop.

When Mommy was done praying, I snuck out to the back, lit the candles, and sang Happy Birthday for Mommy with the kids. She was SOOOOO surprised; after all, her birthday is tomorrow. We spent a few minutes enjoying the cake with the kids. I think the kids were very happy to see Mommy happy.

Then came the surprise. I led Mommy to the living room where my computer used to sit and said, “Here’s your present”. It didn’t register at first. When she looked at her new laptop, she thought she was looking at my old laptop. And then, she started screaming frantically. She was hysterical… I guess she liked her new computer. I spent many weeks searching for the perfect laptop which wasn’t too expensive. I’m happy to see my efforts pay off.

And that was how we spent Mommy’s Birthday Eve (technically). That’s what you get for almost always expecting something at midnight on your birthday. Gotta go one day earlier. I hope Mommy enjoyed her special Birthday Eve!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

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