Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arman's Legs

It’s been over 6 months since our last trip to the BC Children’s Hospital. When we were here last March, the doctor wanted to wait to see how well Arman’s leg adjusts, before deciding to do anything. Anyway, I took the afternoon off today to take Arman to the doctor again.

Our appointment with the Orthopaedic Paediatrician is always on a Thursday afternoon. I made my way by bus from the office and rendezvoused with Arman and Mommy at the bus stop near the hospital. And then we made our way in together.

We were right on time. We registered at the front desk and waited for our turn. We were a bit confused about what we were supposed to do exactly. At one point, we were asked to take x-rays first, which we did. Arman’s an expert at that already. It is his second set of x-rays at this hospital. After that, it was back to the waiting room.

Mommy had to leave early to pick up Melur from school. So it was just Arman and I waiting for the doctor. We were finally asked to wait in the examination room. We saw x-rays of Arman’s legs both from today and 6 months ago. Everything was computerized.

When we finally met with the doctor, he wanted to wait another 6 months. But he said, in all likelihood, Arman will need plates put into his leg, which will stunt the growth of his bone on one side, effectively straightening it as the bones grow. The procedure itself is quite minor, and we can expect Arman to come home on the same day, if not the next morning. Arman would need to wear the plate for a few years while the bone straightens, and then removed later.

Anyway… we really hope the best for Arman. We have another appointment to meet with the doctor next May. Hopefully, we’ll have something good for Arman then.

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